Because we pay no annual property taxes owning land in the TCI can be a great investment. You are under no obligation to build on your land. Buy it today and leave it vacant until you’re ready. Raw land is for sale on our most developed island – Provo - and across our quiet unspoiled family islands.

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Our most developed island, this is where most tourists visit. It is home to world famous Grace Bay Beach where you’ll find our numerous condo/hotel project.

Outer Cays

Stretching north west between Provo and North Caicos you’ll find a number of smaller cays with stunning beaches and little development. Pine Cay and Parrot Cay has established exclusive resorts with vacant lots and private homes available for purchase.

North Caicos

Our “Garden Island” tends to have slightly more rain fall and taller trees and thicker foliage. A quiet island with long stretches of beach. The forward thinking investor will be watching this island as the next to see hotel/condo opportunities as developments spreads across the TCI.

Middle Caicos

This quiet island has some of the most stunning landscape in the TCI. From sheer cliff faces, to hidden beaches and underground cave, Middle Caicos is an unspoiled paradise.

South Caicos

Best known for it’s excellent fishing, South Caicos now has the “Sail Rock” development offering land for stunning villas and a boutique hotel with condominium options. Ferry service is available to the island.

Ambergis Cay

The site of the Turks & Caicos Sporting Club. Though companies involved in the development went into receivership, most of the infrastructure - including an airstrip and marina - had already been completed and the island is home to a handful of luxurious villas.

Grand Turk

Prior to development on Provo, our capital island was once busy. Things turned quiet as Provo became the main destination for most TCI tourists, but the cruise ship terminal has seen more tourists learning of the most easterly island in the TCI chain. It’s common to drive past wild donkeys meandering down the street.

Salt Cay

The island that time forgot. A tiny quiet island that is perfect for those that want to truly disappear and who appreciate the simple things. There are few cars on island and like Grand Turk its not uncommon to come upon a donkey wandering down the street.

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